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Cell Culture Consumables

Cell Culture Consumables are the essential materials and supplies needed to grow and maintain cells in vitro. They include a wide range of products, such as tissue culture flasks, plates, pipettes, media, and sera. The specific cell culture consumables required will vary depending on the type of cells being cultured, the experimental procedures being used, and the desired outcome. However, some common cell culture consumables include, ABS Cell Strainer, Adherent Cell Culture Flask, Adherent Cell Culture Plate, Cell Scraper, Polyoxymethylene Embedding Cassette, Polypropylene Cell Spreader, Polypropylene Inoculating Loop And Needle, Suspension Cell Culture Flask, Suspension Cell Culture Plate

ABS Cell Strainer

Adherent Cell Culture Flask

Adherent Cell Culture Plate

Cell Scraper

Polyoxymethylene Embedding Cassette

Polypropylene Cell Spreader

Polypropylene Inoculating Loop And Needle

Suspension Cell Culture Flask

Suspension Cell Culture Plate