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Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A102

Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A102

Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A102 is a handheld cell spreader intended to promote uniform and repeatable cell development by distributing cells evenly across culture surfaces. Improved for single-use, offering convenience and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination between experiments. Our cell spreader come in various sizes to accommodate different culture dish or plate dimensions for optimal spreading efficiency.

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Shape Triangular
Size 24 × 6.0 mm
Color Yellow
Sterilization Nonsterile

point.png Material: Polypropylene

point.png Ideal for bacterial CFU counts

point.png Gamma ray sterilized

point.png DNase, RNase and pyrogenic free

Polypropylene Cell Spreader is mainly used in microbiology and cell culture laboratories for drug screening, tissue culture cell seeding, bacterial and yeast culture spreading.

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Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A102