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Adherent Cell Culture Plate LMCP-A106

Adherent Cell Culture Plate LMCP-A106

Adherent Cell Culture Plate LMCP-A106 enhance with flat surface bottom design offers a consistent growth surface for cells while preserving a homogenous cell culture environment. Improved with 96 well provide a sterile and optimized environment for cell growth. Our plate come with lids or covers to protect the cells from contamination during cell culture. Composed of polystyrene material is highly transparent and chemical resistant.

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No of Well 96
Culture area 0.35 cm²
Packaging Type Blister

point.png Constructed with polystyrene material ensure safety and long-term usability

point.png Include sterilization level is 10⁻⁶ maintaining aseptic conditions in cell culture to prevent contamination

point.png Supplied with tissue culture method to promote cell adhesion and growth for cell culture

point.png Outfitted a unique identification code that makes tracking simple and reduces risk of error

point.png Designed with flat bottom ensures an even and consistent surface for cell attachment and growth

point.png Maximized growth area

Adherent Cell Culture Plate is widely used in treatments, drugs, or genetic modifications on cell division and expansion.

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Adherent Cell Culture Plate LMCP-A106