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Textile Balance LMTXB-A101

Textile Balance LMTXB-A101

Textile Balance LMTXB-A101 is equipped with a load cell sensor and boasts a capacity of 210g. Our balance is suitable for testing a wide range of materials, including various yarns, fibers, and fabrics. Featuring an LCD and an intuitive user-friendly interface, it ensures simple and easy operation.

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Capacity 210 g
Calibrated Weight 200 g
Resolution 0.001 g
Minimum Weighing 0.004 g
Temperature Range 5 to 25°C
Repeatability ± 0.002 g
Linear ± 0.003 g
Sensor Load cell
Interface RS-232C
Dimension 240 × 190 × 265 mm
Packaging Dimension 475 × 315 × 485 mm
Power 110 to 240 V
Weight 8.5 kg

point.png Designed with a glass shield for complete sample protection

point.png Features with unit modes g, oz, Tex, Nm, Ne, D, g/m2, oz square yard

point.png Configures the time, date, yarn blend code, and sample length

point.png Incorporated with external calibration capability

point.png Can store data for up to 100 groups

point.png Offers stats for each weight such as max, min, average, and uneven rate

point.png Equipped with an RS232C interface

Utilized in the textile industry for yarn testing, fiber evaluation, fabric analysis, blend composition, and quality control in garment products.

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Textile Balance LMTXB-A101