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Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A200

Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A200

Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A200 are designed for single-use, convenient for spreading and smoothing cell culture and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. Integrated with polypropylene material ensure durability, chemical resistance, and suitability. Our cell spreader is a triangular design allows for efficient spreading of cells on the surface of culture dishes or plates.

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Shape T
Size 18.2 × 3.6 mm
Color Green
Sterilization Gamma ray sterilized

point.png Designed with polypropylene material is non-reactivity offer reliable and accurate results

point.png Ideal for bacterial CFU counts to estimate the number of viable microorganisms

point.png Gamma ray sterilized efficiently eradicate viruses, germs, and other microbes, guaranteeing material is free of impurities

point.png Include DNase, RNase and pyrogenic free ensuring reliable and accurate results in biological assays

Polypropylene Cell Spreader is mainly used in microbiology and cell culture laboratories for drug screening, tissue culture cell seeding, bacterial and yeast culture spreading.

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Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A200