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Adherent Cell Culture Flask LMACF-A104

Adherent Cell Culture Flask LMACF-A104

Adherent Cell Culture Flask LMACF-A104 is enhanced with a flat or angled bottom design that provide a larger surface area provide an optimal environment for cell attachment, growth, and proliferation. Our flask accommodates the capacity of 600 mL endure the growth of cells in order to proliferate. Improved with Gamma ray sterilization method to kill or deactivate microorganisms maintaining a sterile condition for tissue culture.

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Capacity 600 mL
Culture area 175 cm²
Cap Plug

point.png Integrated with high-quality transparency polystyrene material allow perfect inspection

point.png Supplied with tissue culture treatment enhances the adhesion of cells for growing and maintaining cell cultures

point.png Sterilization Level is 10⁻⁶ for preventing contamination and maintain a sterile condition for cell viability

point.png Include vent cap and plug seal cap offer a tight seal, preventing contamination from the external environment

point.png Upgrade with DNase, RNase and pyrogenic free reagent offer convenient sampling

point.png Worry-free maintenance with hygienic cleaning

Adherent Cell Culture Flask is widely used in drug discovery and screening assays, toxity testing and stem cell culture.

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Adherent Cell Culture Flask LMACF-A104