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Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A101

Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A101

Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A101 is compact and lightweight cell spreader enhanced for spreading and distributing cells evenly on the surface of a culture dish or other cell culture vessels. Our cell spreader is a flat blade design helps prevent cell clumping by spreading the cell suspension in a controlled manner. Constructed with polypropylene material provide excellent chemical resistance, durability, and versatility with safety.

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Shape Triangular
Size 21.5 × 3.0 mm
Color Blue
Sterilization Gamma ray sterilized

point.png Material: Polypropylene

point.png Ideal for bacterial CFU counts

point.png Gamma ray sterilized

point.png DNase, RNase and pyrogenic free

Polypropylene Cell Spreader is mainly used in microbiology and cell culture laboratories for drug screening, tissue culture cell seeding, bacterial and yeast culture spreading.

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Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A101