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Suspension Cell Culture Flask LMSCF-A103

Suspension Cell Culture Flask LMSCF-A103

Suspension Cell Culture Flask LMSCF-A103 is a unique design with a rounded bottom that allow for the cultivation of cells that grow in suspension, that do not adhere to surfaces. Our 250 mL flask's capacity enables the scaling of cell culture. Crafted with polystyrene material is sterile, non-toxic, and provides a suitable surface for cell attachment. Utilizes gamma-ray sterilization method guarantees the material is free of potentially hazardous biological contaminants.

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Capacity 250 mL
Culture Area 75 cm²
Cap Vent

point.png Integrated with transparent polystyrene material allow clear visibility and observation of sample

point.png Sterilization Level is 10⁻⁶

point.png Intended with plug seal cap provides a tight seal, prevent contamination and maintain the sterility

point.png Equipped with vent cap allows for controlled airflow

point.png Improved with Gamma ray sterilized technique ensure worry-free operation

point.png Supplied with DNase, RNase and pyrogenic free reagent

Suspension Cell Culture Flask is widely used in research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries for the growth and maintenance of suspension cell lines.

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Suspension Cell Culture Flask LMSCF-A103