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Laboratory Equipment


About Us

Labmate Scientific Ltd. is a fastest growing manufacturers of Laboratory Equipment, Plastic Labware, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Products and General Laboratory Consumables for all kind of Scientific, Medical and Healthcare applications.

Lab Equipment and consumables manufactured and supplied by us for Scientific Laboratories are tested by our experts and serve the purpose of providing a better user experience with our quality of sales and service. We are positioned to be a one-stop supplier of a wide range of laboratory products covering chemical, biological, and clinical diagnostic labs. Our Product areas include centrifuges and consumables, liquid handling, shakers and rockers, hotplates and stirrers, dispenser, baths and circulators, cell culture consumable and general labwares. We add value to the products we sell by utilizing our experience and expertise and providing on-going application and technical support.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified company and all our products comply with stringent International Standards such as ISO 13485:2016 along with CE Certifications.

Our Product lines include:

Laboratory Equipment: Centrifuges, Mixers and Vortexer, Dispenser, Vacuum Aspiration System, Lab Hotplates and Stirrers, Laboratory Shakers, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Flame Photometer, Microplate Reader and Washer and Baths and Circulators

Centrifugeware: Centrifuge Tube, Microcentrifuge Tube and Microtube

Cryoware: Internal and External Threaded Cryo Vials and Bar-Coded Cryo Vials

Pipette and Pipettors: Electronic pipette, Variable Volume and Fixed Volume Pipette, Transfer Pipettes, Serological Pipettes, Pipette Controller and Pipette Pump

Pipette Tips: Specialty Pipette Tip, Ultra-Low Retention Pipette Tips, Universal Pipette Tips, Low Retention Filter Pipette Tip and Universal Filter Pipette Tips

PCR Products: PCR 96 Well Plate, PCR Tube and Films

Plastic Beakers and Flasks: Beakers and Volumetric Flask

Plastic Bottles and Containers: Dropper Bottle, Reagent Bottle, PET Bottle and Wash Bottle

Cell Culture Consumables: Cell Scraper, Cell Spreader, Cell Strainer, Embedding Cassette, Inoculating Loop and Needle, Cell Culture Flask and Cell Culture Plate

Glass Flasks and Beakers: Low Form and Tall Form Beakers, Volumetric Flask, Distilling Flasks with Side Arm, Flat Bottom Flasks, Iodine Flasks, Kjeldahl Flasks, Erlenmeyer Flasks and Round Bottom Flasks

Glass Bottles and Containers: Reagent and Aspirator Bottle

Laboratory Funnel: Separatory Funnels and Standard Mouth Funnels

Lab Plates and Dishes: Plastic and glass Petri Dishes, Crystallizing Dish, Evaporating Dish and Watch Glass

General Lab Products: Solution Reservoirs, Measuring Cylinder, Petri Dish, Test Tube and Weighing Boat

Gloves: Powder free and powdered Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves and Nitrile Gloves

Blood Collection Tube: Plain Tubes, Clot Activator Tubes, Sodium Citrate Tubes, Lithium Heparin Tubes, Sodium Heparin Tubes and EDTA Tubes

Racks and Boxes: Centrifuge and Microcentrifuge Tube Rack, Cryovials Holder, Pipette stand, Serological Pipette Stand, Test Tube Rack