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Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A300

Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A300

Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A300 is improved with triangular or L-shaped design with a spreading surface at the bottom enable consistent cell distribution without inflicting harm. Designed to be autoclavable enabling pre-use sterilization to preserve aseptic conditions in cell culture. Supplied gamma-radiation method ensures material is pathogen-free of impurities via eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.

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Shape L
Size 14.5 × 3.8 mm
Color Yellow
Sterilization Gamma ray sterilized

point.png Crafted with polypropylene material ensure safety and long-term durability

point.png Ideal for bacterial CFU counts to estimate the number of viable microorganisms

point.png Enhanced with Gamma radiation method eliminate microorganisms, making it suitable for use in sterile environments

point.png Include DNase, RNase and pyrogenic free reagent preserving the integrity of genetic material

point.png Cost-effective maintenance with convenient cleaning

Polypropylene Cell Spreader is mainly used in microbiology and cell culture laboratories for drug screening, tissue culture cell seeding, bacterial and yeast culture spreading.

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Polypropylene Cell Spreader LMSD-A300