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PCR System

Our extensive selection of PCR Systems encompasses various models, each tailored for distinct applications, and equipped with unique features. Among the assortment, we proudly present Gradient PCR and Real-Time PCR Systems. Our PCR technology operates within an automated thermocycler, boasting remarkable efficiency in swiftly regulating the temperature of reaction tubes. This advanced thermocycler ensures rapid, precise heating and cooling, a vital attribute for expediting PCR processes. The Gradient PCR System offers the flexibility to create thermal gradients across the sample, optimizing conditions for various DNA amplification tasks. On the other hand, the Real-Time PCR System empowers researchers with the ability to monitor the amplification process in real-time, providing invaluable insights into quantitative DNA analysis. Whether you require precise temperature control for a diverse range of samples or seek the immediate feedback of real-time analysis, our PCR Systems are designed to cater to your specific needs. With these cutting-edge tools, we enable scientists and researchers to unlock new horizons in molecular biology and genetic analysis.

Gradient PCR

Real Time PCR System