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Polyoxymethylene Embedding Cassette LMEC-A104

Polyoxymethylene Embedding Cassette LMEC-A104

Polyoxymethylene Embedding Cassette LMEC-A104 is designed for the processing and embedding of tissue samples to facilitate thin sectioning for microscopy analysis. Crafted with polyoxymethylene (POM) material exhibits a high resistance to solvents that ensure safety and durability. Our embedding cassette oriented at both a 30° and 45° angle, provide flexibility and convenience for labelling on the cassette.

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Type Fine Square Holes
Lid Type Removable Lid
Color White

point.png Designed with polyoxymethylene material ensure safety and long-term usability

point.png Utilized with hinged lid or a locking mechanism to securely hold the tissue sample and prevent leakage protection

point.png Include cover and base can be disassembled and reassembled with ease

point.png Integrated with color-coded mark facilitating the simple identification of samples

point.png Highly- Resistant to solvents ensure convenient handling

point.png Cost-effective maintenance

point.png Worry-free cleaning with safety and sanitation

Polyoxymethylene Embedding Cassette is widely used for tissue samples in the stages of sectioning, embedding, and processing.

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Polyoxymethylene Embedding Cassette LMEC-A104