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Suspension Cell Culture Plate LMCCP-A106

Suspension Cell Culture Plate LMCCP-A106

Suspension Cell Culture Plate LMCCP-A106 is designed for the cultivation of cells that naturally grow in a suspended state rather than adherent cells that adhere to surfaces. Our culture plate accommodates with 96 well plates improved with flat surface bottom design which offers a large surface area for cell or microbial growth. Enhanced with sterilization technique to prevent contamination of the cell culture.

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No of Well 96
Culture area 0.35 cm²
Packaging Type Blister

point.png Integrated with polystyrene material is easily cleanable with safety and sanitation

point.png Sterilization level is 10⁻⁶ guarantees an extremely low chance of any microbiological infection

point.png Configured with unique number codes for easy tracking and identification

point.png Upgrade with flat surface bottom simplifying its handling and manipulation

point.png Maximized growth area

point.png Raised rims on wells to avoid cross contamination

point.png DNase, RNase and pyrogenic free

Suspension Cell Culture Plate is widely used in treatments, drugs, or genetic modifications on cell division and expansion.

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Suspension Cell Culture Plate LMCCP-A106