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Adherent Cell Culture Flask LMACF-A102


Adherent Cell Culture Flask LMACF-A102 is a specialized container that wear a capacity of 250 mL for the growth and maintenance of adherent cells by utilizing an environment that promotes cell adhesion and proliferation. Constructed with highly transparent polystyrene, which enables accurate observation and monitoring of cell cultures. Our flask offer flexibility in closure options by providing both vent cap and plug seal cap that prevent leakage protection.

Specifications :
Capacity 250 mL
Culture area 75 cm²
Cap Plug
Features :
  • -  Material: High Transparency Polystyrene
  • -  Tissue culture treated
  • -  Sterilization Level is 10⁻⁶
  • -  Available in both vent cap and plug seal cap
  • -  Gamma ray sterilized
  • -  DNase, RNase and pyrogenic free
Applications :

Adherent Cell Culture Flask is widely used in drug discovery and screening assays, toxity testing and stem cell culture.