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Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-B102

Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-B102

Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-B102 is a fully innovative particle counter specially designed with an eight-channel unit ideal for monitoring air quality in a clean room. Improved with a large graphical display and easily accessible particle count data on the screen. Delivering real-time monitoring while simultaneously counting particles in eight different size ranges. Enhances user-friendly customization to set their own particle count restrictions. Quickly download, or instantly print data via printer

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Particle Size Channels 0.3µm, 0.5 µm, 0.7 µm, 1.0 µm, 2.0 µm, 3.0 µm, 5.0 µm, 10.0 µm
Flow Rate 100 L/min
Built-in Battery yes
Battery Type Lithium-ion(Optional)
Battery Life >4 hours of continuous use
Sensitivity 0.3 µm
Test Period 1 sec to 5999 sec (5 L to 3000L
Light source and Life Semiconductor laser >30,000 hours
Self-cleaning Time ≤10 min
Operating Temperature Range 10℃ to 35℃
Operational Humidity ≤ 75% RH
Power 220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz ± 2 Hz
Power Dissipation 145 W
Communication Interface RS485
Dimensions 223 × 348 × 250 mm
Weight 7.1 kgs

point.png A striking 7-inch colour touchscreen elegantly showcases particle counts across all channels

point.png State-of-the-art particle detection is achieved through a precision laser sensor

point.png Abundant data storage capacity accommodates up to 5000 samples

point.png Seamlessly convert data between cubic feet and cubic meters for convenience

point.png Perform Upper Control Limit (UCL) calculations effortlessly

point.png Benefit from the convenience of a built-in thermal printer for immediate documentation

point.png Effortlessly export data directly through a Wi-Fi connection

point.png Encased in a robust and durable stainless-steel housing

Isokinetic probe 1Quantity

Power cord 1Quantity
Tripod 1Quantity
Printing paper 1Quantity
Fuse 1Quantity
Filter 1Quantity

Li-battery 1Quantity

This versatile device serves a wide array of applications, including clean room monitoring, indoor air quality testing, HEPA filter performance evaluation, and particle source tracking.

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Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-B102