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Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-A101

Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-A101

Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-A101, a marvel of versatility and precision device ideal for monitoring air quality in a clean room. Designed with six user-adjustable size channels 0.3 µm, 0.5 µm, 1.0 µm, 3.0 µm, 5.0 µm, and 10.0 µm to monitor ultra-clean environment. Built-in printer and onboard data logging memory streamline data management. Crafted from cleanroom-friendly stainless-steel material for durability.

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Particle Size Channels 0.3 µm, 0.5 µm, 1.0 µm, 3.0 µm, 5.0 µm, 10.0 µm
Flow Rate 0.1 CFM ( 2.83 L/min )
Built-in Battery yes
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Test Class Class 100 to class 300,000
Test Period 1 min to 10 min (10 levels)
Light source and Life Semiconductor laser >30,000 hours
Self-cleaning Time ≤10 min
Operating Temperature Range 10℃ to 35℃
Operational Humidity ≤ 75% RH
UCL Calculation 0.95
Power 220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz ± 2 Hz
Power Dissipation 15 W
Dimensions 215 × 255 × 110 mm
Weight 2.6 kgs

point.png Built-in printer with multiple printing modes which help in viewing, downloading, and printing the pre-recorded and current data

point.png Six-channel microcomputer-controlled unit for counting from six different size ranges with real-time monitoring

point.png Particle detection is done by laser sensor-based technology

point.png It offers dual counting modes, allowing one to choose between Auto and Manual counting

point.png With versatile data conversion options in both (ft³) and (m³)

point.png Programmed with calendar and clock function

point.png Data can be displayed in counts, counts/m3, and counts/ft³

point.png Rechargeable battery for long-term use

Aluminum alloy case 1Quantity

Power cord 1Quantity
Sampling rack 1Quantity
Printing paper 1Quantity
Fuse 1Quantity
Operating manual 1Quantity

It finds versatile applications in clean room monitoring, indoor air quality testing, filter assessments, particle tracking, pharmaceuticals, R&D labs, electronics, and semiconductor industries.

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Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-A101