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Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-A100

Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-A100

Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-A100 is a handheld airborne particle counter controlled by a microcomputer that includes six unique channels for simultaneous particle enumeration over different size spectra. This device allows users to easily visualize the data and enables them to download and print. Equipped with a thermally responsive printing mechanism, facilitating direct on-site data printouts. The flow rate is 0.1 CFU which is very convenient to use

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Particle Size Channels 0.3 µm, 0.5 µm, 1.0 µm, 3.0 µm, 5.0 µm, 10.0 µm
Flow Rate 0.1 CFM ( 2.83 L/min )
Built-in Battery No
Test Class Class 100 to class 300,000
Test Period 1 min to 10 min (10 levels)
Light source and Life Semiconductor laser >30,000 hours
Self-cleaning Time ≤10 min
Operating Temperature Range 10℃ to 35℃
Operational Humidity ≤ 75% RH
UCL Calculation 0.95
Power 220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz ± 2 Hz
Power Dissipation 15 W
Dimensions 215 × 255 × 110 mm
Weight 2.6 kgs

point.png Particle is detected by advanced laser sensor technology

point.png A remarkably user-friendly touch-screen interface is smoothly integrated to streamline both the sampling and configuration procedures

point.png Counting can be done automatically or manually

point.png The innovative software further optimizes the uploading of complex sampling configurations directly to the particle counter, reducing setup difficulties

point.png The screen displays the date and time to stay on track while operating

point.png Data transformation: Ft³ and m³

Aluminum alloy case 1Quantity

Power cord 1Quantity
Sampling rack 1Quantity
Printing paper 1Quantity
Fuse 1Quantity
Operating manual 1Quantity

It finds versatile applications in clean room monitoring, indoor air quality testing, filter assessments, particle tracking, pharmaceuticals, R&D labs, electronics, and semiconductor industries.

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Portable Airborne Particle Counter LMAP-A100