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Stereo Microscope LMSM-611

Stereo Microscope LMSM-611

Stereo Microscope LMSM-611 features binocular head inclined at 45 ⁰ field of view. It has high resolution and wide viewing field of ɸ 20 mm with zoom ratio of 1:4.5. Device provides a stereoscopic, three-dimensional view of the specimen for better understanding. It has a range of magnification and photo options.

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Viewing Head Binocular head, 45° inclined
Interpupillary Distance 55 to 75 mm
Objective Zoom Objective 1X to 4.5X
Eyepiece Wide field eyepiece 10X/ 20 mm, Wide field eyepiece 20×/ 12mm
Zoom ratio 1:4.5
Working Distance 97 mm
Focusing Coarse Focus, Focusing Range 100mm
Incident illumination 100 V to 240 V/ LED
Transmitted illumination 100 V to 240 V/ LED
Attachment Video Attachment (0.5× C-mount)
Packaging dimensions 365 × 310 × 520 mm
Weight 6 Kg

point.png High resolution, wide viewing field of ɸ 20 mm

point.png Interpupillary distance ensures accurate 3D images

point.png Two eyepieces (binocular) for comfortable and natural depth perception

point.png Ergonomic design with sharp image display

point.png Objective to adjust magnification as per users convenience

point.png Ample of working space for manipulation

point.png User-friendly operation

Binocular viewing head, inclined at 60° (with 10X eyepieces)

Trinocular viewing head, inclined at 45° (with 10X eyepieces)
Eyepiece with WF 15X/16 mm
Eyepiece with WF 30X/12 mm
10X Eyepiece with cross line
Zoom objective binocular 0.7X to 3X binocular head (with 10X eyepieces)
Auxiliary objective 0.5X
Auxiliary objective 0.63X
Auxiliary objective 0.75X
Auxiliary objective 2X
Stand LMS-1, LMS-2, LMS-3, LMS-4, LMS-5, LMS-6, LMS-7, LMS-8
Stand LMS-9, LMS-10, LMS-11, LMS-12, LMS-13, LMS-14 (All with focus arm)
Focusing arm
Coarse and Fine Focusing Arm
Dark field attachment
Movable stage
Temperature-controlled stage and power supplier
Photo attachment with Nikon (Connect to Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex)
Photo attachment with Canon (Connect to Canon Digital Single Lens Reflex)
Video attachment 1X C-mount

Stereo Microscope is widely used in fields such as biology, geology, electronics, and manufacturing for tasks like dissection, quality control, assembly, and inspection.

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Stereo Microscope LMSM-611