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Stereo Microscope LMSM-609

Stereo Microscope LMSM-609

Stereo Microscope LMSM-609 features a binocular viewing head inclined at 45° field of view and an interpupillary distance of 55-57mm for comfortable viewing. It has a zooming ratio of 1:8.3 and a 10X/23 extra wide field eyepiece with independent focus adjustment to accommodate differences in vision. The glass plate diameter of 100mm allows for the successful integration of LED incident/transmitted illumination into a very slim base, allowing for easy specimen access.

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Viewing Head Binocular head, 45° inclined
Interpupillary Distance 55-57 mm
Objective Zoom objective 0.6X – 5X
Eyepiece EWF10X/23
Zoom Ratio 1:8.3
Working Distance 115 mm
Focusing Range 105 mm
Stage Insert Glass plate: 100mm
Opal & black acrylic plate: 100mm
Illumination Incident/transmitted illumination 100-240V/LED
Video Adapter 0.55X C Mount

point.png Binocular viewing head inclined at 45°

point.png Interpupillary adjustment 55-57mm

point.png 1:8.3 zoom ratio

point.png Incident / transmitted lighting system stand provides energy efficient trouble-free usage with adjustable intensity

point.png Provides bright long-life illumination

point.png Provides higher resolution, striking contrast and three-dimensional images

point.png Superior optical coatings render true colour images with fine details

point.png Works on rack and pinion focus mechanism

point.png Ample working space for manipulation

point.png Long working distances

point.png Sharp, bright and high contrast optics

point.png Excellent image flatness

point.png Increase productivity by creating ergonomic microscope solutions

point.png Zoom magnification objective of 0.6X – 5X

They are indispensable in huge number of applications such as industrial production, quality control and materials research in forensics, biotechnology, genetics and nearly in all areas of biomedical research.

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Stereo Microscope LMSM-609