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Stereo Microscope LMSM-602

Stereo Microscope LMSM-602

Stereo Microscope LMSM-602 has Trinocular viewing head inclined at 45° angle. It is also known as dissecting microscope. LED light is used as source of illumination to view specimen clearly. Presence of large viewing area with extra wide field eyepiece WF10× magnification with 100 mm of working distance. Equipped with 95 mm of white plastic stage with side clips to hold the specimen and magnification can be adjusted automatically. It allows viewing of samples at a range of magnification from 7 to 45x.

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View Tube Trinocular, 45° inclined
Eyepiece WF10×(Φ20 mm)
Objective 0.7 to 4.5 X
Working Distance 100 mm
Stage Stage size: 200×255 cm, Φ95 mm black and white board
Magnification Standard: 7 to 45 X, Optional: 3.5 to 180 X
Zoom ratio 1:6.4"
Optional Auxiliary lens Optional(Not standard): 0.5X, 2X
Depth of field 15 mm
Illumination Upper LED ring light
Digital camera Optional
Camera adapter 1X C-mount, Optional: 0.5X

point.png Specimens can be viewed clearly by coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment knobs

point.png Presence of interlocked eyepiece tubes with diopter for increased focus activity

point.png Digital camera is used as an optional

point.png User friendly in nature

point.png Sharp stereo erect images are obtained over a wide field of view

These are used in food science, marine biology, embryology, biotechnology and also applied in research centers Used to study surfaces of solid material It is fit for medical and clinic, agroforest rail geology, precise casting, especially for LED checking and clad layer checking

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Stereo Microscope LMSM-602