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Elisa Microplate Reader LMMR-M101

Elisa Microplate Reader LMMR-M101

Elisa Microplate Reader LMMR-M101 is an intuitive and easy to use ELISA Reader, used to quantify many other colorimetric assays. This device supports rapid photometric measurements in the 400 to 800nm wavelength range and can measure an entire 96-well plate in less than few seconds by performing 12 different tests in one plate. For versatile reading of the accurate data, the device uses a 7" high resolution LCD touch screen and an 8V/50W tungsten halogen lamp.

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Wavelength Range 400nm to 800nm
Microplate Type 96 well plate
Indication Range 0.000 ~ 4.000OD
Resolution 0.001OD
Accuracy ±1.0% at 1.0OD
Reproducibility ±1.0% at 1.0OD
Standard Filters 405,450,492,630nm & 4 optional
Additional Filters Filter wheel up to 8 filters
Photo Detector Silicon photodiode
Light Source Tungsten halogen lamp
Display 320×240 LCD
Shaking Linear shaking; 3 speeds
Printer Built-in thermal printer, optional external printer
Interface Connections USB, serial RS232, parallel printer interface, PS2 mouse & keyboard
Power Supply 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W×D×H) 460×350×497mm
Weight 10 kg

point.png Reliable ELISA results

point.png Flexible plate layout with Blanks, Standards, Samples, Reference, QC in one screen

point.png Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data-evaluation functions

point.png Advanced curve fitting

point.png Temperature control option for kinetics

point.png 7” high resolution LCD touch screen

point.png Single or dual wavelengths measurement

point.png Performing 12 different tests in one plate

point.png Extensive report with patient information

point.png Auto lamp adjustment and auto calibration

point.png User friendly and easy to program

point.png Graphical operating interface

point.png Noval design with huge storage capacity

point.png High quality long-life tungsten halogen lamp

Medwon ELISA Microplate Reader is suitable for many enzymatic and colorimetric assays such as immunoassays, reporter gene assays, protein quantification, DNA quantification etc.

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Elisa Microplate Reader LMMR-M101