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Insect Cabinet LMISC-A100

Insect Cabinet LMISC-A100

Insect Cabinet LMISC-A100 is a storage unit with 12 specimen drawers to store and organize insect specimen. High-quality cold-rolled steel plate with a layer thickness of 1.0 mm. Drawers with detachable small single doors and the doorframe is equipped with seal strip.

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Capacity 12 drawers
Material of drawer Pine wood
Colour Grey
Framework Solid, heavy-gauge welded steel
Thickness of framework 1.0 mm
Door Lift-off reinforced door
Seal Elastomeric Seal
Dimension 595 × 510 × 1086 mm

point.png Drawers to hold individual specimens

point.png Drawers with transparent covers of glass or acrylic material for easy observation

point.png Handles for easy handling of drawers

point.png Elastomeric seal for tight and dust-proof protection

point.png Hinges to ensure integrity and security of the cabinet

point.png Lift-off reinforced doors for easy handling

point.png Locks to provide secure closures and prevent unauthorized access

point.png Proper ventilation prevents moisture buildup

Insect cabinets are used widely for the organized storage and preservation of insect specimens, providing a controlled environment for entomological research, taxonomy, and educational purposes.

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Insect Cabinet LMISC-A100