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Nucleic Acid Horizontal Electrophoresis System LMES-A103

Nucleic Acid Horizontal Electrophoresis System LMES-A103

Nucleic Acid Horizontal Electrophoresis System LMES-A103 is a highly efficient horizontal electrophoresis unit, comes with 800 ml buffer volume range that holds 4 to 208 samples and ideal for loading samples with 12 channel pipette. Features high-temperature resistance, and automatic switch off once the lid is opened. Designed with high-quality polycarbonate, detachable electrodes, transparent top lid, and unique gel-casting tool that can cast gel of various sizes.

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Type Horizontal
Number of Samples 4 to 208
Buffer Volume 800 ml
Comb 14 wells, 26 wells and 18 wells
Thickness 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm
Gel Size (L × W) 200 × 130 mm and 150 × 130 mm
Dimensions (L × W × H) 365 × 165 × 130 mm
Weight 1.5 kg

point.png Safe, simple, reliable, and easy-to-use

point.png Highly efficient

point.png Holds up to 4 to 208 samples

point.png Elegant and long-lasting high-quality polycarbonate

point.png Ideal for loading samples with an 8 and 12 channel pipette

point.png 800 ml of buffer volume range

point.png Detachable electrodes, simple maintenance, and cleaning

point.png High-temperature resistance, difficult to distort

point.png Unique gel casting tool

point.png Single gel casting apparatus can quickly cast gel of various sizes

point.png Top lid transparency makes observation simple

point.png Automatically turn off when the lid is opened

point.png Patented gel-blocking plate construction makes gel casting simple and practical

point.png Black band and fluorescent mark ensure simple loading and gel observation

Nucleic Acid Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems are used to identify, separate, prepare DNA, and measure its molecular weight across research centers, forensics, healthcare diagnostics, universities, molecular biology, biotechnology, laboratories etc.

Model LMEPS-01 LMEPS-02 LMEPS-04
Volt 6 - 600 V 6 -600 V 5 - 600 V
Current 4 - 400 mA 4 - 600 mA 2 - 200 mA
Power 240 W 1 - 300 W 120 W
Dimensions (L x W x H) 315 × 290 × 128 mm 246 × 360 × 80 mm 315 × 290 × 128 mm
Weight 5 Kg 3.2 Kg 5 Kg

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Nucleic Acid Horizontal Electrophoresis System LMES-A103