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Plant Growth Chamber LMPG-A101

Plant Growth Chamber LMPG-A101

Plant Growth Chamber LMPG-A101 is a double-layer insulation, high efficiency and energy saving model, having 400 L chamber capacity. The rapid heat pump defrost technology enables continuous operation and effectively prevents frost because of continuous operation of evaporator. Integrated, dot-matrix LCD display with English subtitles, designed for the highest operation comfort. The display parameters include temperature, humidity, cycle, run time and run/stop.

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Chamber Volume 400 L
Interior Steel Material Stainless-steel SUS304
Convection Mode Forced convection
Control System Thirty stages Microprocessor PID controller
Temperature Range 10 to 65 ℃
Temperature Accuracy 0.1 ℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5 ℃
Temperature Uniformity ±1.5
Humidity Range 50 to 90% RH
Humidity Fluctuation ±3% RH
Illumination Range 0~6000LX(five stages adjustable)
Working Environment 10~30 ℃
Power Consumption 1350 W
Power Supply AC 220V/50 Hz
Net Weight 158.5 Kg
Dimensions (L × D × H) 1700 × 745 × 930 mm

point.png Smooth internal surface for easy cleaning and maintenance

point.png Sheet metal parts use laser cutting and CNC bending technology

point.png Cold-rolled sheets use three line of acidification anti-rust technology

point.png Utilizing a three-dimensional light source, evenly dispersed illumination, and a stainless-steel mirror to improve lighting while allowing for adjustable lighting intensity

point.png Liquid crystal micro-computer controller with diagnostic function

point.png Electrical control components and working room are installed separately for the ease of maintenance

point.png Automatic double over temperature protection function

point.png Multiple over temperature protection function, sound and light alarm

point.png Chamber humidification collection tank drainage design. To avoid bacteria, the user can release water as needed

point.png User password protection, built-in multifunctional memory menu, connect to multiple devices (up to 16 units) and real-time monitoring

Portable printer

LCD touch screen controller
Power supply interface
UV sterilization system

Plant Growth Chamber is used in plant breeding, genetic research, photosynthesis, nutrition, and other elements of plant physiology and biotechnology, as well as incubation and microbial cultivation tests, insect feeding tests, and numerous other medical and scientific research organisations.

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Plant Growth Chamber LMPG-A101