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Inverted Metallographic Microscope LMIMM-701

Inverted Metallographic Microscope LMIMM-701

Inverted Metallographic Microscope LMIMM-701 adopts semi-complex achromatic objective lens and infinite far chromatic correction optical system. Equipped with coaxial low hand adjusting moving ruler and extension board of loading platform. It has a slim wedge shape with dropdown stage controls for providing high comfort ability and high stability. It has Trinocular viewing head inclined at 45° angle. Focusing of specimen can be adjusted using coaxial coarse and fine focus controls with adjustable tension and focus stops.

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View Tube Trinocular, 45° inclined IPD adjustment: 54 mm to 75 mm
Diopter Adjustment ± 5 diopters
Eyepiece High eye level wide field WF 10 × (Φ22 mm)
Observation Bright field, fluorescence, phase contrast
Objective Infinitely long working anomalous field achromatic metallographic objective: 5XLMPL5X/0.15WD10.8 mm 10XLMPL10X/0.3 WD10 mm 20XLMPL20X/0.45 WD4 mm
Stage Fixed platform size:160 mm×250 mm
Focusing System Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system
Illumination Reflection type colla illuminator with variable diaphragm and center adjustable field diaphragm

point.png Hinged three eyes for observation

point.png Halogen lamp is used as a source of illumination

point.png Trinocular inverted microscope with color corrected infinity optical system

point.png Interpupillary distance adjustment from 54 to 75 mm

point.png Solid aluminum casting for improved rigidity and stability

point.png 10x wide field eyepiece

It is widely used to examine the mounted metallurgical specimens and applied in the field of life science, medical research

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Inverted Metallographic Microscope LMIMM-701