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Inverted Biological Microscope LMIB-501

Inverted Biological Microscope LMIB-501

Inverted Biological Microscope LMIB-501 has Trinocular viewing head with quadruple objective turret. Revolver carries four position objectives with centering system axis. Excellent infinity Plan achromatic optical system with 54 mm to 75 mm of Interpupillary distance adjustment. Presence of double layered mechanical specimen stage which measures around 224×208 mm with circular or rectangular movable plate. 10X phase contrast objective with corresponding tension plate and central telescope is included as standard. Halogen lamp is used as source of illumination.

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View Tube Trinocular, 30° inclined, Splitting ratio: 100%:0, 0:100%, IPD adjustment: 54 mm to 75 mm
Diopter adjustment ± 5 Diopter adjustable
Eyepiece WF PL10 × (Φ20 mm)
Nosepiece Four-position
Objective Long working distance infinity plan achromatic objective: 10X/0.25, 25X/0.4, 40X/0.6
Stage Stage Size:224mm × 208 mm, Moving range: 112 mm ×79 mm
Optical System Infinity Plan Achromatic optical system
Phase Contrast Device Central telescope, N.A. 0.4 condenser, moving distance:50 mm
Focusing Mechanism Fine adjustment accuracy :0.002 mm
Illumination 6 V/30 W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable Optional: LED
Filter Blue filter
Camera Adapter 0.5X, 1X
Power Supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz

point.png Sliding type Trinocular head

point.png WF PL10 × (Φ20 mm) as eye piece

point.png Double layer mechanical fixed stage

point.png Infinity Plan Achromatic optical system

point.png Diopter adjustment

point.png Condenser is used for bright field and phase contrast

point.png Camera is used as an optional

point.png Provided with quintuple or sextuple nose piece

This Inverted trinocular biological microscope is ideal for cell culture and microbiological specimen examination and also used to observe gram positive and gram negative bacteria

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Inverted Biological Microscope LMIB-501