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Glass Conical Flask LMCK-A100

Glass Conical Flask LMCK-A100

Glass Conical Flask LMCK-A100 is crafted from borosilicate glass with a 3.3 coefficient of expansion, featuring a flat base and a narrow aperture. With a volumetric capacity of 250 mL, it is designed for diverse applications. Enhanced with a conical design optimized for experimental procedures, this flask ensures efficiency and precision.

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Capacity 250 mL
O.D of Neck 34 mm
O.D of Bulb 85 mm
Height 145 mm

point.png Formulated from resilient borosilicate glass

point.png Designed to withstand autoclaving, providing convincing durability for scientific needs

point.png Engineered to endure exposure to various chemicals

point.png Well-suited for home laboratory use, ensuring robust performance and versatility

point.png Fabricated with a conical configuration to effectively mitigate the risk of spillage

point.png Exhibits transparency, allowing for precise observation and measurement

Glass Conical Flask is well-suited for routine experiments, reflux heating, and crystallization within the discipline of chemistry, research and development, educational institutions, and more.

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Glass Conical Flask LMCK-A100