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Retort Flask LMRTF-A100


Retort Flask LMRTF-A100 is the type of distillation flask accommodated in the distillation process and various laboratory chemical operations. It is featured with a 340 mm length of side neck made of borosilicate glass. Improved with ground-glass stopper to securely connect with other glassware components, ensuring it is tight and leak-free.

Specifications :
Capacity 1000 ml
Material Borosilicate Glass
O.D Of Bulb 130 mm
Length Of Side Neck 340 mm
Features :
  • -  It provides thermal stability withstands high temperatures, and during chemical reactions
  • -  Endure long side neck feature for separation of components in the distillation process
  • -  Durable and resistant to chemical corrosion
Applications :

It is most popularly used in educational institutes, and various laboratory processes involved in separation, distillation process, and research analysis.