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Alloy Analyzer LMAA-A100

Alloy Analyzer LMAA-A100

Alloy Analyzer LMAA-A100 is an XRF spectrometer that examines an extensive array of elements from sodium to uranium with an analytical range of ppm to 99.99 %. Upgraded with an LCD and a high-resolution CMOS camera to provide a user-friendly interface. It provides an ambient temperature of 15˚C to 30˚C for proper and accurate analysis. Equipped with a triple safety protection system, which prioritizes operator and machinery safety during operations.

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Measurable Elements Sodium To Uranium
Ambient Temperature 15˚C To 30˚C
Analytical Range Ppm To 99.99 %
Precision Up To 0.05%
Energy Resolution 140±5ev
Ambient Humidity 35 To 70 %
Sample Chamber Size 320 × 100 Mm
X-Ray Tube Current 50 Ua To 1000 Ua
X-Ray Tube Voltage 5 Kv To 50 Kv
Power Consumption 200 W
Power Supply AC 220V ± 5V Or AC 110V ± 5V
Dimension 660 × 510 × 350 Mm
Weight 65 Kg

point.png Incorporates a collimator and filter

point.png Provides a triple safety protection mechanism

point.png Features functions for both qualitative and quantitative testing

point.png Designed with a vacuum degree gauge and a 2-liter vacuum pump

point.png Features a super-thin X-ray light tube designed for optimal efficiency

point.png Integrated with a Signal-to-Noise Enhancer (SNE)

It is used in the petrochemical industry, thermal power plant, nuclear power plant, hydroelectric power plant, metals, and mining industries for alloy grade identification and analysis.

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Alloy Analyzer LMAA-A100