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Round Bottom Boiling Flask LMRBF-A100

Round Bottom Boiling Flask LMRBF-A100

Round Bottom Boiling Flask LMRBF-A100 is designed for various scientific and chemical uses and has a 250 mL capacity. Fabricated from durable borosilicate, it provides chemical resistance for dependable performance in laboratories. The rounded bottom enhances stability, reducing the risk of tipping during procedures, and making it a reliable choice for labs.

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Capacity 250 mL
O.D of Neck 34 mm
O.D of Bulb 85 mm
Height 147 mm

point.png Equipped with a round bottom for even heat distribution, making it efficient for tasks like distillation

point.png Designed with a secure neck for easy attachment of lab tools like condensers or stoppers

point.png Optimized for use with tools like Bunsen burners or heating mantles

point.png Transparency enables accurate observation

point.png Clear volume markings make it easy to measure, ensuring precise experimental setups

point.png With its seamless construction, the flask minimizes the risk of leaks and contamination, ensuring the integrity of experimental results

Round Bottom Boiling Flask is widely utilized in chemical laboratories for titration experiments, general procedures, gas production, and as a stable reaction vessel due to its rounded design.

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Round Bottom Boiling Flask LMRBF-A100