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Glass Conical Flask LMCK-A100


Glass Conical Flask LMCK-A100 is crafted from borosilicate glass with a 3.3 coefficient of expansion, featuring a flat base and a narrow aperture. With a volumetric capacity of 250 mL, it is designed for diverse applications. Enhanced with a conical design optimized for experimental procedures, this flask ensures efficiency and precision.

Specifications :
Capacity 250 mL
O.D of Neck 34 mm
O.D of Bulb 85 mm
Height 145 mm
Features :
  • -  Formulated from resilient borosilicate glass
  • -  Designed to withstand autoclaving, providing convincing durability for scientific needs
  • -  Engineered to endure exposure to various chemicals
  • -  Well-suited for home laboratory use, ensuring robust performance and versatility
  • -  Fabricated with a conical configuration to effectively mitigate the risk of spillage
  • -  Exhibits transparency, allowing for precise observation and measurement
Applications :

Glass Conical Flask is well-suited for routine experiments, reflux heating, and crystallization within the discipline of chemistry, research and development, educational institutions, and more.