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Round Bottom Boiling Flask LMRBF-A101


Round Bottom Boiling Flask LMRBF-A101 is designed for diverse scientific and chemical applications, accommodating a volumetric capacity of 500 mL. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate, it offers durability and chemical resistance, ensuring reliable performance in laboratory settings. The rounded bottom enhances stability and minimizes the risk of tipping during various procedures, making it a dependable choice for labs.

Specifications :
Capacity 500 mL
O.D of Neck 34 mm
O.D of Bulb 105 mm
Height 175 mm
Features :
  • -  Crafted with a secure neck for easy attachment of lab tools like condensers or stoppers
  • -  Optimized for use with tools like Bunsen burners or heating mantles
  • -  Clear volume markings make it easy to measure, ensuring precise experimental setups
  • -  With its seamless construction, the flask minimizes the risk of leaks and contamination
  • -  Transparency enables accurate observation
  • -  Promoting even heat distribution for efficient processes like distillation
Applications :

Round Bottom Boiling Flask is widely utilized in chemical laboratories for titration experiments, general procedures, gas production, and as a stable reaction in laboratories like Academic Research institutions, Pharmaceutical Industry, Research and Development, and more.