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Muffle Furnace LMMF-A701

Muffle Furnace LMMF-A701

Muffle Furnace LMMF-A701 is s designed with insulation that effectively retains heat within the chamber and promotes efficient heating to maintain a stable temperature throughout the process. Our laboratory furnaces feature temperatures of up to 1200 °C and hold a capacity of 4.5 L. Crafted with fiber-insulated material provides excellent thermal stability and uniformity within the chamber. Equipped with a digital temperature controller, which allows for precise temperature control.

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Capacity 4.5 L
Temperature 1200 °C
Working Temperature 1100 °C
Thermocouple N-type
Heating Rate 25°C/min
Accuracy ± 1°C
Timer: Digital / 99hr, 59 min.
Power Supply AC220V/50 Hz, single phase
Power Consumption 2.5 KW
Chamber Size 200 × 150 ×150 mm
Dimension (L x W x H) 660 × 830 × 880mm
Net Weight 70 Kg
Gross Weight 85 Kg

point.png Enhanced with microprocessor self-tuning PID Controller

point.png Responsive and easily view all parameters on a digital display

point.png Fitted with an anti-hot handle to reduce heat retention

point.png Interlocking Door Prevents unauthorized access

point.png Remote USB Interface facilitates seamless data transfer to a PC

point.png Low-Cost Running Maintenance Requirement

point.png Tool-Free Cleaning with Safety and Sanitation

Muffle furnace 1 set

Type N Thermocouple 1 pc
Three-meter power line 1 set
Crucible tongs 1 pc
5 Thermal resistance gloves 1 pc
6 Manual book 1 pc

Muffle Furnace is ideal for material testing, and heat treatment such as hardening, loosening, and normalizing in research facilities, laboratories, the medical field, and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Muffle Furnace LMMF-A701