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Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer LMLA-A102

Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer LMLA-A102

Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer LMLA-A102 improved with sterilization method for heat-sensitive medical instruments, providing efficient and safe sterilization with minimal damage. Upgraded with infrared sensor detects the presence of potentially harmful microorganisms or contaminants enhance air hygiene. Designed with a user-friendly touch control panel for convenient manual operation.

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Applicable Room < 100 m³
Type Wall Mounted
Circulating Air > 800 m³
Working Temperature -10 °C to 40 °C
Working Pressure 86 to 106 kPa
Working Humidity < 90 %
O3 Residue < 0.003 mg /m³
Noise < 48 dB (A)
Power 55 W
Voltage AC 110 / 220 V; 50 / 60 Hz
Dimension 920 × 292 × 190 mm
Weight 21 Kg

point.png Adjustable air flow speed

point.png Multi - Point particle monitoring

point.png Infrared sensor for automatic sterilization

point.png Touch control panel with remote control Accurate time display

point.png Multiple sensor for inspect air quality, temperature and Humidity

Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer is widely used in medical settings to sterilize heat-sensitive medical equipment, including surgical instruments, endoscopes, and other vital tools.

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Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer LMLA-A102