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Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer LMLA-C100 offers an innovative and effective sterilization solution for heat-sensitive items providing a balance between efficacy, safety, and material compatibility. Our Sterilizer accommodate a loading capacity of 135 L. Fitted with an electrically driven lifting mechanism that enables the door to open and close automatically, guarantees hands-free operation.

Specifications :
Capacity 135 L
Sterilization Method Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
High Temperature 55 °C
Low Temperature 37 °C
Power 3.5 kW
Voltage AC 110 / 220 ± 10 %; 50 / 60 Hz
Chamber Dimension 750 × 450 × 400 mm
Dimension 950 × 860 × 1730 mm
Net Weight 300 Kg
Gross Weight 350 Kg
Features :
  • -  Electric lift door system that operates electronically, using motors or automated mechanisms to open and close the door
  • -  Negative pressure working system designed to maintain lower air pressure within a controlled environment
  • -  Humidification control system for regulating and maintaining the humidity levels within a designated space
  • -  Selectable operating temperature
  • -  Ethylene Oxide gas for low temperature sterilization
Optional Accessories :

Model No Specification Image
LMLA-C01 Stainless Steel Basket LMLA-C01
LMLA-C02 Ethylene Oxide Can LMLA-C02
LMLA-C03 Printer LMLA-C03

Applications :

Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizer is widely used in medical settings to sterilize heat-sensitive medical equipment, including surgical instruments, endoscopes, and other vital tools.