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Pharmacy Refrigerator LMPH-B101

Pharmacy Refrigerator LMPH-B101

Pharmacy Refrigerator LMPH-B101 has a unique design with a holding capacity of 667L, providing expansive space for storage. It offers reliable performance at a temperature range of 1 °C to 10 °C. Equipped with a double glass door chiller cabinet for high clarity and uninterrupted vision. Supplied with environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant that promotes high energy efficiency and contributes to reducing energy consumption in refrigeration.

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Capacity 667 L
Temperature Range 1 °C to 10 °C
Number Of Shelves 4
Output USB
Voltage Supply 220V 50Hz
Internal Dimensions (W×L×H) 1250×480×1317 mm
External Dimensions (W×L×H) 1355×755×1930 mm
Weight 310 Kg

point.png Distributed with LED lights, that enhance the effect of goods display

point.png It contributes to uniform refrigeration and stable cooling capacity

point.png It has ergonomic design with “Air Outlet” inside the cabinet

point.png Furnished with EBM fan motor with good anti-corrosion effect

point.png Assembled with SCOP compressor, promises longer service life and better user experience

point.png Integrated with a galvanized steel exterior, that has good quality and long-time utilization

point.png Fully automated system with auto electric heating defrost method

It is commonly used to store reagents, drugs, biological samples, surgical aids, and raw materials across various industries such as pharmaceuticals, health care, research institutes, laboratories, etc.

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Pharmacy Refrigerator LMPH-B101