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Automated Media Dispensing System LMADS-A100

Automated Media Dispensing System LMADS-A100

Automated Media Dispensing System LMADS-A100 is a sophisticated and versatile dispenser designed to streamline and enhance the process of accurately dispensing liquid media. This innovative system accommodates up to 94 Petri dishes at maximum capacity and provides a flexible filling range of 1 to 99 ml. It comprises three essential components: a main control system, a rotor system, and a carousel that facilitates ease of use.

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Height of System with Carrousel 65 cm
Height of Carrousel 23 cm
Max. loading Petri dishes 94 pcs
Filling Range 1 to 99 ml
Filling Range of Manual Dispense 1 to 999 ml
Flow Rate Setting 600 ml/min, 1000 ml/min
Petri Dish Type 90 mm (standard), 100 mm, 60 mm /accept custom-made
Dispense Speed 500 dishes/hour (volume: 20 ml)
Dispense Precision 0.01
Power Consumption 260 W
Power Supply 220 V/110V±10%,50/60 Hz
Dimension 600 × 610 × 380 mm
Carrousel Weight 6.5 kg
Basic Device Weight 44 kg

point.png Featuring a user-friendly 5.7-inch touchscreen and an intelligent operating system

point.png The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, enhancing user experience

point.png Enhanced with two types of carousels, providing flexibility to accommodate specific laboratory needs

point.png The dispensing area is shielded from UV rays, effectively reducing the risk of contamination during operation

point.png Specialized feed support is included to facilitate the handling of empty dishes

point.png The manual dispense function has parameters such as dispense volume, dispense times, and dispense time intervals, offering customizable control

point.png Employs a curved spring plate in the carousel, simplifying the unloading of dishes

point.png Equipped with a fault alarm and self-check function, enables quick identification and resolution of any potential issues

point.png Swiftly calibrating dispensing volume to match specific parameters and store different dispensing programs enhances its adaptability and efficiency

point.png Supports the storage of multiple dispensing programs

Main Control device with peristaltic pump-1 set

Carrousel for diameter 90 mm Petri dishes, capacity of 241/94-1 pc
Six holes of Rotor for diameter 90 mm Petri dishes-1 set
Two holes stacker-1 pc
Silicone tubing set for diameter 90 mm Petri dishes-2 sets
Filling nozzle for diameter 90 mm Petri dishes-1 pc
Safety cover-1pc
UV light-1pc
Tool-1 set

Its ability to automate and control the dispensing of liquid media with precision and flexibility makes it an invaluable asset for a wide range of applications, from microbiology and cell culture to drug discovery and diagnostics.

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Automated Media Dispensing System LMADS-A100