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Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube LMNV-D101

Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube LMNV-D101

Non-Vacuum Blood Collection Tube LMNV-D101 is highly-efficient blood collection tube guarantees the efficient separation of serum from blood, enabling precise testing and analysis. Featuring a loading capacity of 5 mL to 7 mL enabling effective and user-friendly handling throughout the processing and collecting of samples. Our tube fitted with plug configuration ensures minimum damage due to needle puncture prevent contamination or leakage.

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Maximum Capacity 5 mL - 7 mL
Dimension (D× H) Φ 13 × 100 mm
Additives Sodium Heparin / Lithium Heparin
Plug Colour Green
Net Weight / Case 5.6 kg

point.png Engineered with high-grade polypropylene material

point.png Inner surface treated with silicon prevent blood adhesion

point.png Upgraded with high-quality gel for effective separation of serum from blood

point.png Include Anticoagulant / Coagulant is uniformly sprayed on the inner walls of the tube

point.png Accurate mixing of anticoagulant / coagulant with blood for effective results

point.png Designed to be compatible with a range of biochemical and immunological analyzers, providing flexibility

point.png Intended with synthetic butyl rubber plug

Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube is commonly used for haemolysis, separation of fibrin protein, serum test in pathological labs, etc.

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Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube LMNV-D101