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Vacuum Oven LMVO-A502

Vacuum Oven LMVO-A502

Vacuum Oven LMVO-A502 is designed with 72 L chamber that is made of resistance free SUS stainless steel material with two shelves. Features a PID control system, SSR control, single segment control, and a digital display resulting in accurate and reliable reading. It offers a temperature range of RT +20℃ to 250 ℃ with heat-up times, fluctuation, capacity, temperature range, and uniformity and provides features like overheat protection, circuit-breaker, overload protection, breakdown indicator light, etc.

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Capacity 72 L
Material of Working Chamber Stainless steel
Tray 2
Range of Temperature control RT +20℃ to 250℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.3 ℃
Vacuum Pump Built-In (Installed inside the machine)
Vacuum Degree 0.086MPa to 0.106MPa
Power AC 1 phase 220V (adjustable)
Input Power 2.12KW
Working Size (W× D ×H) 400 × 360 × 500 mm
Dimensions (W× D ×H) 850 × 660 × 660 mm

point.png Inner chamber is made of SUS stainless steel material and external chamber cold-rolled steel with powder coated finishing

point.png Controller with digital set mode, digital display, PID auto calculation, SSR control, and single segmentation control

point.png Equipped with a single door, explosion-proof lock, and silicone gaskets

point.png Integrated with specially designed hot ovens with centrifugal fan for uniform wind

point.png All in all, adjustable air throttle can be directly connected with an air exhaust duct

point.png Overheating circuit-breaker, overload protection, breakdown indicator light, etc

Most compatible with highly labile biological samples having excessive moisture or low tolerance to heat. It is widely used in drying and curing processes in the fields of pharmaceuticals, textiles, paper, ceramics, and rubber.

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Vacuum Oven LMVO-A502