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Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube LMNV-B100

Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube LMNV-B100

Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube LMNV-B100 is crafted with transparent polypropylene material engineered for easy one-handed use, during blood sample collection for diagnostic tests and analyses. Our tube accommodates a capacity ranging from 1 mL to 4 mL ensure convenient handling of sample. Intended plug enables for safe and secure opening and closing mechanism that stops accidental flipping and guarantees no leakage.

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Maximum Capacity 1 mL to 4 mL
Dimension (D× H) Φ 13 × 75 mm
Additives Gel & clot Activator
Plug Colour Yellow
Net Weight / Case 6.6 kg

point.png Prepared of medical grade Polypropylene material

point.png Manufactured under pharmacy grade (100,000) GMP workshop for pollutant-free production

point.png Inner surface treated with silicon prevent blood adhesion

point.png High quality gel makes serum separation completely

point.png Anticoagulant / Coagulant is sprayed uniformly on the inner walls of the tube

point.png Accurate mixing of anticoagulant / coagulant with blood for effective results

point.png Good compatibility with various biochemical and immunological analysers

point.png High quality synthetic butyl rubber plug

point.png Plug configuration ensures minimum damage due to needle puncture

point.png Safe open and close of plug and do not flip open ensure no leakage

point.png Convenient one-hand operation

point.png Appropriate for all kinds of decapper

Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube is commonly used for haemolysis, separation of fibrin protein, serum test in pathological labs, etc.

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Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube LMNV-B100