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Heated Circulating Bath LMHR-A203

Heated Circulating Bath LMHR-A203

Labmate Heated Circulating Bath LMHR-A107 is a precise circulating water bath with temperature controller at a range of RT to 100 °C, 200°C and can customized to 300°C of constant temperature liquid environment. Accurate temperature controller system and digital display screen for visual monitoring of parameters.

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Capacity 30 L
Temperature RT-200 °C
Stability ± 0.1
Flow 14L/min
Lift 12 m
Power 2.0 Kw
Opening 290 × 350 mm
Depth 200 mm
Dimension 290 × 500 × 350 mm

point.png Tank made up of 304 Stainless steel

point.png Over temperature alarm for safe usage

point.png Low water alarm indicates low water level

point.png PID controller system

point.png Control panel buttons easy set parameters

point.png Equipped with both internal and external circulation (optional)

point.png Large bath opening and easy to clean surfaces

Connector G-15/6 304 stainless steel: DN15-6 mm
G-15/8 304 stainless steel: DN15-8 mm
G-15/10 304 stainless steel: DN15-10 mm
G-15/12 304 stainless steel: DN15-12 mm
G-15/14 304 stainless steel: DN15-14 mm
G-15/16 304 stainless steel: DN15-16 mm
Hose L - 6/8 Silicone tube: inner diameter 6mm- outer diameter 8mm
L - 8/10 Silicone tube: inner diameter 8mm- outer diameter 10mm
L -10/12 Silicone tube: inner diameter 10mm- outer diameter 12mm
L -12/14 Silicone tube: inner diameter 12mm- outer diameter 14mm
L -14/16 Silicone tube: inner diameter 14mm- outer diameter 16mm
L -16/16 Silicone tube: inner diameter 16mm- outer diameter 16mm

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Heated Circulating Bath LMHR-A203