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Graduated Cylinder LMGD-A102

Graduated Cylinder LMGD-A102

Graduated Cylinder LMGD-A102 is crafted of borosilicate glass that allows for accurate measurement of liquid volumes. Enhanced with a transparent design, allowing the user to easily see the level of the liquid and make accurate readings. It features a loading capacity of 100 mL ensures effortless liquid handling of a sample at reliable conditions. Supplied with a pouring lip that facilitates controlled pouring of the liquid without spillage.

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Capacity 100 mL
Capacity Tolerance 1.0 mL
Sub.Division 1.0 mL
Height 250 mm

point.png Upgraded with graduations or calibration lines to assist the user in precisely reading the volume of the liquid

point.png Integrated with a stable base to prevent tipping and ensure accurate readings

point.png Designed with a cylindrical shape with a uniform diameter along its length enables precise volume measurements

point.png Easily observed the inside sample through transparent glass

point.png Configured with borosilicate glass which is highly resistant to thermal expansion and chemical corrosion

point.png Tool-free cleaning with worry-free maintenance

It is widely used in the laboratory and pharmaceutical industry to measure and dispense liquids for reactions, titrations, and other experiments.

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Graduated Cylinder LMGD-A102