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Electronic Wood Density Meter LMEW-A100

Electronic Wood Density Meter LMEW-A100

Electronic Wood Density Meter LMEW-A100 features a robust and compact design, offering a measuring range of 0 to 100% and a heating time range of 1 to 99 minutes. It is suitable for determining the air-dried density of wood in both laboratory and production environments. It has a long service life and gives quick, accurate, and direct readings. Offers a user-friendly and safe operation experience.

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Measure Range 0 to 100 %
Maximum Weighing Capacity 100g
Reading Accuracy 1mg
Moisture Readability 0.0001
Moisture Accuracy 0.0001
Moisture Reproducibility 0.001
Standard Interface RS-232
Pan Diameter 90 mm
Heat Time Range 1 to 99 min
Temperature Range RT to 160℃
Temperature Accuracy 1℃
Display 5-inch LCD Touch Screen Display
Storage 16 result data can be saved
Power Supply 110V/220 V ±10%, 50/60 ±1 Hz
Dimension 340 × 220 × 190 mm
Packing Dimension 450 × 350 × 350 mm
Gross Weight 8 kg

point.png Designed with a spacious 5-inch digital color touchscreen display

point.png Equipped with high-quality halogen lamps, providing fast and precise heating

point.png Offers an easy-to-navigate user interface with intuitive operation

point.png Adopts shortcuts for quick and easy access to up to 5 different methods

point.png Displays essential parameters such as heating time and percentage of water loss after drying

point.png Specifically designed for testing porous materials with a sealing method

Power cable

Sample plate
Sample tray support
Correction weight

It is utilized in Boiling and vacuum saturation methods and serves as a valuable tool for testing various wood properties, including basic density, bulk density, wet density, apparent density, apparent porosity, water absorption, volume of open pores, closed pores, and total porosity in various industries.

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Electronic Wood Density Meter LMEW-A100