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Gel Documentation System LMGS-502

Gel Documentation System LMGS-502

Gel Documentation System LMGS-502 adopts a high resolution and high sensitive scientific CCD camera which ensures the instrument to capture utter weak signals under extremely low illumination condition. It is designed for detection and documentation of nucleic acids and protein. Images are easily saved and opened. Image data is displayed in real time. LED light is used as source of illumination.

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CCD Camera Scientific Digital Camera
Resolution 20 Megapixels, 4800×4440
Pixel Density 16bit (65536 Grey Scales)
High QE 0.85
Readout Noise 3.1e- RMS
Signal to Noise Ratio 75.2db
Sensitivity 5pg EB stained DNA
Lens F1.2 mortorized lens
Filter System Standard 590 nm filter (530nm optional)
Light Source White light LED×2

point.png Wireless and IOT module

point.png Digital Lens

point.png Super High resolution and QE

point.png User friendly software

point.png Full open door design

point.png Long life dual wavelength trans illuminators

Widely used for detection of DNA/RNA, various fluorescent dyes, silver-stained glue and fluorescent dyes, deep Purple and Pro-Q Diamond, labeling glue / membrane / chip

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Gel Documentation System LMGS-502