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Manifold Vacuum Filtration Unit LMMVF-A100

Manifold Vacuum Filtration Unit LMMVF-A100

Manifold Vacuum Filtration Unit LMMVF-A100 is a 316 L stainless steel filter with 6 branches and is provided with stainless steel holder that is alkali, acid and corrosion resistant. Single or multiple branch filtration is supported by vacuum pump to filter several samples as per users’ convenience. Equipped with valves to provide independent control at each branch for vacuum and venting.

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Type 6
Funnel SS316
Individual Funnel Capacity 300 ml
Support Screen SS316
Pore Size 100 µm
Connection Integral, SS316
Holder SS316
Package size (W × D × H) 900 × 260 × 130 mm
Gross Weight 12 kg

point.png Designed with 316 L stainless steel funnel with 6 branches and 316 stainless steel lid and base

point.png Filters one or multiple samples as per user’s convenience

point.png Leakage-proof and press-resistant

point.png Integral connection using SS316

point.png Valves enable separate control for venting and vacuum

point.png Six filter holders are connected to one vacuum source

point.png Features stopcocks of stainless steel for ease of control

point.png Each holder is provided with individual control knob

point.png Multi-branch filtration system with stainless steel tap

point.png Each funnel has independent vacuum control

Accessories no Name Quantity
1 Lid 6
2 Clamp of aluminium alloy 6
3 Stainless steel valve 6
4 316 L stainless steel holder 6
5 316 L stainless steel funnel (300 ml) 6
6 316 L stainless steel funnel filter head 6

Manifold Vacuum Filtration Unit is widely used in pesticide liquid filtration, pharmaceutical industry, instrumental analysis, petroleum, sanitary inspection and environmental monitoring fields

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Manifold Vacuum Filtration Unit LMMVF-A100