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Friability Tester LMFRT-A201

Friability Tester LMFRT-A201

Friability Tester LMFRT-A201 is a single path friability and abrasion testing instrument equipped with two cylinders, each with the depth of 39 mm. The number of turns and rotating speed enables synchronous operation and automatic shut-off. The LCD for the instrument displays the pre-set and the real-time value through time division.

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Number of Cylinders 2
Rotating Speed 25 times/ min
Rotating Accuracy ± 1 time/ min
Counting Mode 100 turns can be set arbitrarily; countdown is adopted
Inner Diameter of Cylinder 286 mm
Cylinder Depth 39 mm
Sliding Height 156 mm
Power Supply 220 V 50Hz
Dimensions (L × D × H) 370 × 300 × 340 mm

point.png Double cylinder, each with the depth of 39 mm

point.png Follows a single path throughout the operation

point.png Synchronous operation and automated shut-off are enabled by the number of rotations and rotational speed

point.png LCD panel displaying the pre-set and real-time value

Friability Tester performs one of the several important tests used for testing the friable conditions of tablet coating and capsules in pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.

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Friability Tester LMFRT-A201