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Fully Automated Slide Stainer LMFSS-A101

Fully Automated Slide Stainer LMFSS-A101

Slide Stainer LMFSS-A101 is a compact touchscreen device with 24 slides, an APS coating, and 15 cups. The system can store almost nine usernames and passwords, and each user can program up to 25 sets of staining protocols. It consists of an automatic water influx and drainage system with a low-noise transmission system and an operation alert alarm, making it easy to use and convenient.

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Number of Cups 15 (station 1 for drying, station 2 for washing and other 13 stations for reagents)
Capacity 350ml/ cups
Processing Time Adjustable 0-59 minutes and 0-59 seconds
Temperature control precision ± 1%
Dripping Time Adjustable within 0-60 seconds
Agitating Frequency Adjustable within 0-6 times/minute
Working Voltage AC220V ± 10% 50 Hz (Standard Model)

point.png Easy to use, safe, reliable, and highly efficient

point.png Touch screen interface that is intuitive

point.png High intelligence control system, reliable and simple operation

point.png 24 slides with simultaneously staining process

point.png The slide rack can optionally be stopped based on the user selection

point.png Ideal for H&E staining

point.png Transmission system that is low-noise and wear-resistant

point.png Water influx and drainage system that ensures adequate washing performance

point.png 25 sets of staining protocols with 30 editable steps in each protocol

point.png It displays an operation error message

Slide Stainers are used for the diagnosis of macroscopic and microscopic diseases in the fields of anatomic pathology, medical institutes, research laboratories, health clinics, etc.

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Fully Automated Slide Stainer LMFSS-A101