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Halogen Moisture Analyzer LMHA-506

Halogen Moisture Analyzer LMHA-506

Halogen Moisture Analyzer LMHA-506 combines high quality and durability into a compact design, providing dependable, accurate results for a wide range of applications. It has a halogen lamp heating system that helps to produce fast results with readability up to 0.005 g, a weighing range of 110 g, and a temperature range of 40° - 199°C. The LCD display with backlight is simple to use, with soft push buttons, and includes a measuring pan with a cover lid that measures 90 mm in diameter.

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Weighing Range 110 g
Readability 0.005 g
Operating Temperature Range 5° - 35°C
Heating Temperature Range 40° - 199°C
Temperature Resolution 1°C
Temperature Sensor PT 101
Heating Source Halogen lamp
Moisture Range 0.0% - 100%
Moisture Readability 0.001
Dry Residual Range 100.00% - 0.00%
Dry Residual Readability 0.001
ATRO 0% - 999%
Pan Size ɸ 90mm
Time Setting 1 – 99 min
Calibration External
Display LCD
Auto Stop 0.1% - 9.9% within 1 minute
Data Storage 15 sets
Interface R232
Dimension (W×L×H) 200×180×380 mm
Weight 5.8 Kg

point.png LCD with high resolution backlight

point.png High precision temperature sensor

point.png Halogen lamp heating source

point.png Dry state can be directly confirmed to speculate the finish time

point.png Automatic peeling function

point.png Zero drift correction

point.png Measure immediately and continuously

point.png High memory capacity

point.png High speed measurements

point.png Reliable performance testing

point.png User-friendly operation

point.png Easy to clean and maintain

point.png Display of measurement status

The typical areas of application include moisture analysis of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paper materials, plastic and product for environmental protection.

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Halogen Moisture Analyzer LMHA-506