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Fully Automated Slide Stainer LMFSS-A102

Fully Automated Slide Stainer LMFSS-A102

Slide Stainer LMFSS-A102 is a tabletop device with 20 working stations and a capacity of 135 ml. The system has a high-efficiency staining process, and samples can be added anytime for staining. The end station feature has an automatic on and off function for cleaning and water flow with any station set. With its unique design, LED touch operation system, optical plastic cover, and air exhaust device, it is safe and environmentally friendly.

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Capacity 6 Pcs Slide in each holder, for continuous staining process
Number of Station 20 pcs, ( Repeat Station, Clean Bath can be set)
Volume of Station 135 ml
Processing Time Adjustable within 0-59 minutes and within 0-59 seconds
Time for changing station, stay and leaching liquid 10S
Number of program 10pcs, with remind code for online faulty
Working Voltage AC 220V ± 10% 50 Hz

point.png Safe, reliable, user-friendly, and compatible size

point.png LED touch operation system with low energy consumption

point.png For continuous staining, samples can be added anytime

point.png Station 2 to station 17 can be set for clean water

point.png Auto start and stop function for cleaning and water flow

point.png In case of water blockage, shut off the water resource itself and gives the warning

point.png Any station can be set as an end station

point.png Gives an alarm when the staining process is finished

point.png Staining work is shown in a dynamic graph

point.png More station can be set to speed up the work if any station takes longer

Slide Stainers are used for microscopic and macroscopic disease analysis in the fields of medical institutes, hospitals, scientific research laboratories, biological research institutes, sanitation, anti-epidemic stations, health clinics, etc.

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Fully Automated Slide Stainer LMFSS-A102