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Portable X-Ray machine LMPXM-A100

Portable X-Ray machine LMPXM-A100

Portable X-Ray machine LMPXM-A100 is a high-frequency X-ray machine utilized with radiography technology a flexible and convenient way for obtaining X-ray images. Our X-Ray machine includes a 0.6/1.5 mm X-ray tube focal length and 35.5 KJ anode heat capacity. Outfitted with digital LED display for quick image capture and instant viewing. It ensures self-protection, and self-diagnosis, facilitating easy digital image transfer, storage, and analysis

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Anode Heat Capacity 35.5 KJ
Frequency ≥40 kHz
Exposure Time Range 0.04 s to 3.2 s
Maximum Output Power P = 110 kV × 36 m A = 4 kW
Nominal Power 100 k V, 40 m A,0.1s, 4 k W
Focal Length 0.6/1.5 mm
kV Adjusting Range 40 kV to 110 kV, Continuous adjustment step 1 Kv
mA Adjusting Range 36 mA to 60 mA
mAs Adjusting Range 1 mAs to 190 mAs, Shifted adjustment
Inner Resistance ≤0.5 Ω
Power Capacity ≥ 5 kVA
Power Supply AC 220V ± 22 V 50/60 Hz ± 1 Hz
Dimension 290 × 260 × 230 mm
Weight 18.8 kg

point.png Intended with a digital LED display, ensures a clear interface

point.png Includes two digital loops for improved performance

point.png Incorporates a control mechanism for simulation accuracy for accurate operations

point.png It operates efficiently because it is simplified and easy to use

point.png Selects 48 different types of assumed anatomical memory patterns

point.png Ensures precise tube voltage and current regulation

Remote control 1 quality

Aluminum box 1 quality
Stand machine frame 1 quality

It has a prominent application in health and medical laboratory fields meant for medical imaging such as trauma cases, routine diagnostic, and remote settings, veterinary clinics

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Portable X-Ray machine LMPXM-A100